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Stepping Out into Freedom

“I saw a movie once where soldiers who were prisoners of war were held in a brutal concentration camp during WW2. They were made to do all kinds of horrendous work and things that were against their will, moral code, like “snitch” on each other, fight for food, etc. The soliders that wouldn’t do these things were killed.

Then one evening the Germans flee the camp because the Russians were coming and the prisoners were left there alone. Nobody ‘announced’ to the POW’s that they were “free” because the Russians chased the Germans and left the camp. The POW’s had to figure it out for themselves that there was no one actually guarding them anymore.

The interesting thing about this was how even after a couple prisoners, who thought they were risking their lives by peeking out of their quarters by stepping outside of the barracks, returned unscathed and told the others that they were free, some of them didn’t believe them.

Some cried with happiness. Some refused to believe. Some become angry, thinking it was another “trick” their captors were using to thin the population out. Some laughed hysterically. Some choose to lay down and believe that would die there. For some, it took a LOT of convincing to even feel safe enough to GO CHECK FOR THEMSELVES.

When others came back and said that they too didnt see anyone guarding them. Most didn’t know what to do with themselves. They had longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it was here, and suddenly they had to think and feel for themselves again.

They had people telling them what was right and wrong, and what to do and not do, for so long that the process of actually taking back their own freedom was mentally and emotionally painful, making physical action extremely difficult.” –   “D” Via removingtheshackles.blogspot.be

[Edited by me for tense and clarity]

I read this and laughed a little because I thought it was sadly humorous. Then I became actually sad because I see how most won’t or can’t leave their comfort zones right now in order to experience TRUE FREEDOM.

So I ask people who are in their comfort zones…

What would you do if you found out you didn’t have to pay to live on this planet?

How would you react to being told that you, your parents, and your parents parents, ad nauseum… had been lied to?

How would you react to being told you were born into corporate subjugation?

Sophia Love makes a great point when she writes…

“The slavery system we’ve been in is brilliant; so subtle as to be invisible. Visible now, we realize with each revelation just how deep the enslavement is embedded.  It is part of our language, our customs, and our thought process.  We grow up striving to make “more” money so that we can attract partners and own stuff.  A car, a house, food, clothing, even knowledge carries a price tag.  How much and the quality of these things declare our worth.” http://www.lightworkerseries.blogspot.com/


So… now that the doors to freedom are open via the OPPT what are you going do.  Laugh? Cry? Wait and see?

No one can do it for you.



Can you think with your heart… about the OPPT?

The reaction to the December 21st, 2012 galactic alignment for many people was one of disappointment. The day came and went with nothing spectacular happing nor massive changes seen, so for many people, the day was a lot of hype.

For many people an event that provided hard evidence that a massive shift did happen, or extra-terrestrial and/or extra-dimensional (ET/ED) existence was real, would have provided the PROOF they were waiting for that “THE SHIFT OF AGES” was real. It would have been a joyous celebration.  For some, hard evidence would have resulted in fear or even grief.

For me, the days leading up and following 12/21/12 were different in that I COULD FEEL something was going on. I had no idea what it was, and when I first saw and read the OPPT documents I KNEW they were important.

If we take a look at the scale below, we can see how every emotional state carries its own vibration, frequency (Log) if you will. Simply put, the frequencies of fear, or even anger, are “denser” and “heavier” that those of joy and peace.

So while many people were disappointed and disheartened. The reality is that any human who’s consciousness rests below the vibration of LOVE, likely wouldn’t be able to “see” or comprehend any experience originating in LOVE or higher.

It’s like trying to see sunlight from the bottom of ocean. It can only be seen once you get to a certain depth.





When you try and share the OPPT docs and concept with people do they get:

Angry? Antagonistic? Pessimistic?

If you were a creature who depended on the darkness in order to survive, wouldn’t you steer clear of the shallows where the light penetrates?

Look at the scale above and see where you think YOU fit.  Most people have a range that they fall within and their consciousness fluctuates within that range.  For example, ranging from 250-500.

This consciousness scale is derived from the consciousness research  done by Dr. David Hawkins.  If you are not familiar with him or his work, LMGTFYor read this excellent article about Dr. Hawkins and the scale. 

The Vibration of Joy

According the chart above the emotion of joy vibrates at a higher (faster) frequency than logic (reason), and even love (as experienced in the human body as unconditional love.)

When I started writing this article, I gathered as much information (data) I could find to support my case and went to work. That was being left brained.  That was not living from my heart.  That was being logical and reasoning.

That is the old way.  That is not enjoying creation, but rather taking a methodically logical approach.

That is why this short 1000 word article has taken just as long as the some of the 7000 word one’s I have written!  Living in the heart, IN joy, isn’t easy when you first start. It takes a huge amount of trust. It requires focusing ones awareness and maintaining it.

This act, this conscious choice of choosing how one feels at each and every moment, is what this ascension and “freedom stuff” is all about for a lot of us.  It’s that simple.

Simple, not Easy.

We’ve been lied to all of our lives for the most part. Yet, a part of you KNOWS the truth.

The research into consciousness has purposely been kept on the fringes of science for fear of the empowering effect of truth has on a populace that has been lied to.  

Again, if we accept the theory that underlies the map of consciousness, we can see where keeping people in fear, which calibrates at 100, makes for easier population control than would a society that calibrates in the 350′s, which is noted by the emotion of acceptance.

If people are not afraid, they are not reactionary… i.e. predictable.

Considering what we do know about consciousness, DNA, etheric/source fields, and electromagnetic fields (they are all related), it make’s total sense why we are better off living in the heart.  This article by Denise Le Fay explains the whole thing well too, but to sum it up; as humans we are intellectually, emotionally, and physically more capable when are grounded in our spiritual bodies by living in our hearts instead of in our minds.

What seems to get mistaken in much of the ascension conversation is just how PHYSICAL of an activity it is.  Making the choice to live from the heart does not only make one energetically stronger, it requires discipline to make sure one doesn’t slip back into logic or rationalization.  This is what is meant when you hear or read the phrase “staying grounded”.

When you hear or read someone talking about “BE’ing and DO’ing” what they are likely saying is that they are WORKING on maintaining a field of joy, of complete love… of, for, and with whatever situation FUELS THEM PASSIONATELY.


It CAN take a lot of effort to raise your vibration if you’re used to feeling angry or victimized. That’s why people generally say, DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT, when asked by someone else…


Lighten Your Load

For many people, their physical bodies, or “Earth Suits” as I like to think of them, are damaged. Toxic food, environments, and ATTITUDES, have depleted their suits ability to regenerate. So sometimes, if you’re feeling “stuck” or “bogged down” by the pressure of life, you can simply cut out all in toxicants, including sugar, and drink plenty of high pH (alkaline) water (preferably non-fluoridated), and give your “EARTH SUIT” the tools it needs to regenerate.

As we strengthen our resolve to always come from a place of love, we begin to realize that it is both a PHYSICAL and MENTAL act OF SPIRIT.  When we increase the amount of light our we are capable of holding our consciousness is raised accordingly.  We also tend to sleep less as we are FUELED BY OUR PASSIONS which in turn drives us to do more of whatever it is that we’re passionate about. This is what is meant by the term “LIGHT WORKERS”.

Remember… Your body does not produce an electromagnetic field. IT IS THE RESULT OF ONE.

In the same way smiling sends signals to your brain that one is happy; feeling joy sends signals to your brain telling it that your heart is safely in charge and it can relax from being on alert 24/7 – 365.

We all know to varying degrees that we are more than just flesh and bones and that our core essence IS A PART OF SOURCE… NOT SEPARATE FROM IT.  OUR ESSENCE IS ETERNAL AND CANNOT BE DESTROYED. IT CANNOT BE “KILLED”

So why bother worrying? Is there really anything to worry about? Ever?

How to Move from Hope to Joy

Taken with what we know about 2012/Ascension, this shift we are currently undergoing is giving all of us the energetic push we need to elevate our states of being, and tools like this can help us do that.

Instead of explaining the what why’s and how’s of Joy, I invite you to watch this video by Alpha Gamma Brain, a company that does consciousness calibration research and try the exercise.  Work at it.  It isn’t easy, but it does work when done consistently.

To be firmly rooted in one’s heartspace means that one has shed the use of the idea of the duality (“this OR that”, “either/or”, and shifted their thinking to their heart which kind of feels like, “THIS AND THAT”.

By choosing to “listen to your heart”, by choosing to “stay in your joy”, in trusting that life is complete we allow ourselves to be filled with higher/faster vibrations  of energy/light which makes our  interaction with everyone and thing around us vastly RICHER.

I know it sounds like a lofty ideal, and we all think that for the most part we are kind and decent people, yet we all carry FALSE BELIEFS to one degree or another. The holding on to of “FALSE” beliefs WEIGHS US DOWN. This is why it is important to listen with your heart.

What’s that… You just want the TRUTH?   WHO’S TRUTH?

What if what is true today isn’t true tomorrow? What if what is true for someone else isn’t true for you?

You are a unique expression of SOURCE. No one can do what YOU came here to DO.

So go…!  Flee into your beautiful expansive heart! 

No one can tell you or show you how to BE FREE.

As said so well by Sophia Love:

The next dimension is not a place.  It is another reality, another way of BEing and DOing.  Its guiding principle is love.  Its foundation is freedom.  Its core value is responsibility.  Take it on. Freedom is an attitude.