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Congress Moves to Outlaw Alternative Media

Go read this: http://www.activistpost.com/2013/09/congress-moves-to-outlaw-alternative.html


Then this: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-shield-law-20130913,0,4553946.story


What do you think?

I know what I think…

I think Senator Feinstein needs a democracy lesson.

Will someone please get that blundering geriatric a rocking chair, a glass of wine, and a damn Howard Zinn book?  Please?!?!

“The Greatest Generation”  is almost finished ruining this country with their blind allegiance and inability to admit that they were lied to.

There’s nothing wrong with being lied to.  Knowing you were lied to and going along with it though, is the same as telling the lie yourself.

When Tom Brokaw, in his 1998 book ‘The Greatest Generation’, said of this generation, “it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.” he argued that these men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.” When they came back they built America into a superpower.” (From Wiki)

Tom Brokaw
With what is now known about WWII and the downright deceit, lies, and murder in the name of profits for multinational corporations, Tom Brokaw should be seen for what he was; a corporate shill who had no problem being the face and voice of for a snowballing lie for over two decades.

Oh, and Barbara, in case you read this… Add me to this of people who know you are full of shite and see you fully, clearly, for the contrast you provide as to what is true, right, and good about this country.

My mother is part of “the greatest generation”, and while she is the hardest working person I have ever met, she has had an incredibly difficult time resolving the fact that she had been lied to for basically her whole life by the same government she was told she needed to sacrifice for.

It’s never okay to squelch the voices of dissent unless one wants there to only be one voice, which apparently, is what Senator Feinstein wants considering all mainstream media is owned by the same group of corporations.


RE: “A Lesson in How to Push Disinformation”

In reading this post from  Kauilapele, a few things came to mind that I wanted to share as I’m sensing that more and more media events like this are likely to occur soon.


Growing up around Hollywood, I learned first hand what is meant by the saying, “there is no such thing as bad press”.  Whenever something is mentioned or depicted in the media, that event or circumstance IS GIVEN MORE ENERGY. People pay large sums of money to advertise on T.V. and radio, whenever someone or something is given “free press”, it is traditionally considered a good thing.

To comprehend this concept, look up the media history of Kim Kardashian, or Paris Hilton, or Robert Downey Jr.

During the L.A. uprising in 1992 (a.k.a. the L.A. riots), I wondered why broadcast networks replayed the beating of Rodney King, ad nauseum… i.e. to the point of making people nauseous.

It seemed a fairly simple conclusion that the more the video was played and talked about, the more people would talk about and discuss the event.  With more people talking about and discussing the event, the more energy there was to fuel the contrasting opinions of what actually occurred.

With the Boston bombings, regardless of what one believes actually happened, the more the media discusses the event and all of the different theories that surround it,  the more likely it is that people will continue to talk about it.

When someone in the MSM (main stream media) like Rachel Maddow gives someone like Alex Jones (Alternative Media) OVER 20 MINUTES of coverage via showing clips of him speaking and showing the URL to his website, the more likely it is that people who follow MSM will navigate to that URL and watch more videos and click on more links.

MSM has a vastly larger audience than alternative/web media does. So it seems fairly obvious to me that once MSM turns and faces the alternative media and interacts with it directly, opposed to turning its back to it and keeping it arms length, the more likely it is that MSM audiences will start consuming alternative media.

Once this shift from consuming “vertical media” (top down/MSM) to “horizontal media” (peer to peer/ social media) occurs, there is no turning back. It’s kind of like the person who sticks their head out the window to see what everyone outside is running towards… the likelihood of them shutting the window and resuming their regular activity decreases proportionally to the number of people who are running and screaming outside.

Alex Jones has been screaming for years.

Do we really think Rachel Maddow and her producers don’t know about splintering their audience?  It’s their job to know.

And isn’t MSNBC connected to CNBC? And isn’t it alleged the children of a CNBC executive were murdered as retaliation  for the reporting of trillion dollar money laundering lawsuit against the “Banksters”… a.k.a. “they”, the same “they” Alex Jones is screaming are responsible for the “false flag” bombings of Boston and Texas? (http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/cnbc-exec-kevin-krim-s-children-murdered-1-day-after-cnbc-reports)

In know way do I mean to imply or suggest that AK, or Kauilapele are WRONG, or that they “don’t get it”. My only goal to share some insight as to the likelihood of the so called “faction” wars that are taking place behind the scenes of every major financial institution, media company, military, defense, and intelligence agency spilling into the MSM.

If any group of people know the power of the press, it’s the people who currently work for and control it.

The likelihood of Rachel Maddow and co. not knowing that her tirade would increase the viewership of Alex Jones and alternative media is not only not probable, one could reasonably argue that it isn’t even possible.

As the unity of the modern world becomes increasingly a technological rather than a social affair, the techniques of the arts provide the most valuable means of insight into the real direction of our own collective purposes.” – Marshall McLuhan


Costs of Operations

I don’t pay too much attention to mainstream politics anymore, yet the supreme court DOMA hearings and the recent Monsanto Bill has brought to mind how it seems like most people still think that politics are actually real. It mystifies me.

The data that the majority of television and journalistic programming is controlled by a handful of corporations exists and has been available for years. Why would anyone still pay attention to the puppet show except to see who’s hand is up currently up their ass?

Sorry. I don’t mean to be crass. Really though… “I’m just saying”.

Chris Hedges, a journalist who used to write for the New York Times, and who writes about the media in the U.S. recently wrote,

The celebrity trolls who currently reign on commercial television, who bill themselves as liberal or conservative, read from the same corporate script. They spin the same court gossip. They ignore what the corporate state wants ignored. They champion what the corporate state wants championed. They do not challenge or acknowledge the structures of corporate power.

So why the current circus about gay marriage?

One likely reason gay marriage is feared by the “Powers That Were” is because legalizing it would mean the end to the decades old practice of blackmailing low level political operatives for homosexual acts. For the record, that means congressmen, senators, and presidents.

(BTW… Low Level Political Operative = LOL POOP)

Do any amount of reading on the “Bohemian Grove” or watch the banned-from-TV documentary Conspiracy of Silence and one can start to get a glimpse of the true reality of politricks in the United States.

Think about it… The people that are against DOMA regularly take money from lobbyist who work for companies that consider fines for fraud as “a cost of operations” and think of murder and torture in terms of “collateral damage”. Do you really believe it’s about morality or ethics?

When the Monsanto bill was attached as a “rider” to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill and secretly pushed through congress, Facebook lit up with rants about how Obama is the devil. One of my friends, who is a thoughtful and conscious being, wrote that Obama “was vested either ideologically or financially” in Monsanto and then proceeded to list things like a new jet, or a loads of cash, as the probable reasons Obama signed the bill.

I wrote back that  I didn’t see any consideration given to possibilities such as his family being harmed, or a school shooting happening, or an earthquake being used to cause a nuclear meltdown, etc.. if he didn’t sign, and within minutes he admitted that he forgot the “personal threat angle.”

I dont present this example to blow my horn, my goal is to use it to illustrate how the pervasive logic that everyone in government is out for themselves is a narrative straight from the headlines that are owned and operated by the same people that run Monsanto.

How likely is it that it is the ultimate truth?

If one looks into the history of how the U.S. government is managed and how presidents are controlled a world of deceit, violence, coercion, and blackmail emerges as the norm.  This is the world that the MSM never focuses on. Because the MSM is a TOOL for the corporate power, they’d love for you to believe that it’s always about the money. In actuality though, if they’re PRINTING TRILLIONS, and earning BILLIONS, and how big of a deal is a few hundred million?

Would you poison someone for a hundred million? How about a billion? Would you do it to save your wife and kid? Would you do it to save a million people? Read a few chapters of “The Franklin Cover Up,” and then think about the reality of being “ideologically or financially” vested.

People, including children and families, are being raped, tortured, and murdered… it’s not always about the money and we do ourselves a disservice in adhering to the narrative that it is.

“Their” game is about POWER and CONTROL.

Money is a tool to those who crave POWER. No more, no less.