Stepping Out into Freedom

“I saw a movie once where soldiers who were prisoners of war were held in a brutal concentration camp during WW2. They were made to do all kinds of horrendous work and things that were against their will, moral code, like “snitch” on each other, fight for food, etc. The soliders that wouldn’t do these things were killed.

Then one evening the Germans flee the camp because the Russians were coming and the prisoners were left there alone. Nobody ‘announced’ to the POW’s that they were “free” because the Russians chased the Germans and left the camp. The POW’s had to figure it out for themselves that there was no one actually guarding them anymore.

The interesting thing about this was how even after a couple prisoners, who thought they were risking their lives by peeking out of their quarters by stepping outside of the barracks, returned unscathed and told the others that they were free, some of them didn’t believe them.

Some cried with happiness. Some refused to believe. Some become angry, thinking it was another “trick” their captors were using to thin the population out. Some laughed hysterically. Some choose to lay down and believe that would die there. For some, it took a LOT of convincing to even feel safe enough to GO CHECK FOR THEMSELVES.

When others came back and said that they too didnt see anyone guarding them. Most didn’t know what to do with themselves. They had longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it was here, and suddenly they had to think and feel for themselves again.

They had people telling them what was right and wrong, and what to do and not do, for so long that the process of actually taking back their own freedom was mentally and emotionally painful, making physical action extremely difficult.” –   “D” Via

[Edited by me for tense and clarity]

I read this and laughed a little because I thought it was sadly humorous. Then I became actually sad because I see how most won’t or can’t leave their comfort zones right now in order to experience TRUE FREEDOM.

So I ask people who are in their comfort zones…

What would you do if you found out you didn’t have to pay to live on this planet?

How would you react to being told that you, your parents, and your parents parents, ad nauseum… had been lied to?

How would you react to being told you were born into corporate subjugation?

Sophia Love makes a great point when she writes…

“The slavery system we’ve been in is brilliant; so subtle as to be invisible. Visible now, we realize with each revelation just how deep the enslavement is embedded.  It is part of our language, our customs, and our thought process.  We grow up striving to make “more” money so that we can attract partners and own stuff.  A car, a house, food, clothing, even knowledge carries a price tag.  How much and the quality of these things declare our worth.”


So… now that the doors to freedom are open via the OPPT what are you going do.  Laugh? Cry? Wait and see?

No one can do it for you.



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